Stewart Hollington

Stewart joined ASI in 2014 as Director and co-owner. He began his career as a field technician in an environmental testing business, eventually becoming Managing Director and co-owner. The business was sold to an international group of laboratories, with Stewart remaining at the company for over six years as Commercial Lead for UK & Ireland. During this time he was involved in mergers and acquisitions, and promoting the company’s full range of testing services in the food, environmental and pharmaceutical sectors.

An interest in forensic science led Stewart to join the UK’s largest independent provider of forensic testing services in 2008, managing its business development and account management structure. He developed a passion for toxicology, and the following year left the company to focus on the forensic toxicology business, working with the police and coroners at a time when the sector was in turmoil due to the closure of the UK Government’s Forensic Science Service, with all testing diverted to an overwhelmed private sector. Today, Stewart leads ASI’s business development in forensic toxicology, therapeutic drugs monitoring and bioanalysis in support of clinical trials.