Clinical Trial Bioanalysis

Analytical Services International (ASI) can perform a wide range of off-the-shelf and custom analytical services to fit your needs. We help pharma, biotech companies and Clinical Research Organisations (CRO) as well as researchers to provide bioanalysis for your pre-clinical and clinical trials.

All our clinical bioanalysis is designed to suit your needs and are regulatory compliant to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

We have experience with an extensive variety of sample and small molecule types and our clinical laboratory is equipped with the very latest LC-MS instrumentation, so we can offer you the highest quality, accuracy and precision, and a turnaround to meet deadlines.

Our team of widely published study directors is led by Dr Lewis Couchman, Research and Facility Director and Dr Hua Xu, Head of Clinical.

We can provide support in:

  • Pharmacokinetic drug concentrations.
  • Measurement of new and re-purposed drugs.
  • Sample stability assessments.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Small molecules and metabolites e.g. psychedelics, steroids.
  • Chiral separations e.g. R/S-ketamine and metabolites.
  • Unstable compounds e.g. antibiotics.
  • Small peptides.

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Would you like to speak to one of our clinical bioanalysis experts? We can provide free-of-charge consultation to determine your requirements.

Our clinical trial bioanalysis work is conducted in our laboratory based at St George’s University in London and is underpinned by our close links with research institutes and universities in the UK and internationally.

Regulating Medicines and Medical Devices - MHRA

Clinical Contract Research Association - Clinical Trial Bioanalysis

ASI is a member of the Clinical Contract Research Association (CCRA).

Indeed we will always give the very best recommendations of ASI to others, and also where possible hope to work with you again. Your willingness to work with us, also with consistent, informed and timely responses is also very much noted and kindly appreciated.
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