St George’s University of London was pleased to organise and host a two day symposium in honour of a long standing and well respected professor in the field of bioanalytics.

We celebrated Prof David Holts distinguished career spanning 40 years with many well known national and international speakers presenting on a range of subjects, reflecting his career path.  Starting with digoxin and anti-arrhythmics, through immunosuppressive therapy and anti-retrovirals, proficiency testing, clinical toxicology and poisonings, and looking to the future with forensics and designer drugs.

Copy of the full programme

St George's University of London (Map)

Organising Committee:

Prof Atholl Johnston

Susannah Davies

Jenny Button

Denise McKeown

Professor David W Holt – 40 years of Drug Use and Abuse
Bioanalytics and Forensic Toxicology