Latest news: July 2014
ASI joins the short and elite list of laboratories in Europe with ANVISA certification
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Analytical Services International:
ASI, was established in 1992 and has a GLP and GCP compliant laboratory located within St George’s - University of London. The laboratory provides research and routine services in a wide variety of bioanalytical fields.
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Measurements for Clinical Trials & Drug Monitoring:
We offer a GLP/GCP compliant laboratory facility for bioanalytics in clinical studies. Our services support both pre-clinical toxicokinetic analyses and those required for clinical studies from Phase I to IV and for routine Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. We develop and validate analytical methods to international criteria, and offer advice on clinical trial design, statistical power calculations and pharmacokinetic data analysis. We also provide expert guidance and/or reports on data prior to submission to regulatory bodies.
Routine Assays / Therapeutic Monitoring:
The laboratory of Analytical Services International run several routine therapeutic monitoring assays using state of the art equipment including HPLC/MS/MS. Assays inclued Antifungals, Cardiac drugs, Immunosupressants and Antiretrovirals
Proficiency Testing:
Results are now produced in portable document format (pdf) and are emailed directly to up to 3 separate email address per centre. Please register your email address for each scheme. An on-line registration form is available via the Members tab. 
You must report your proficiency testing results online, (on-line forms are located in the PT scheme members section)
Forensic Toxicology:
Our Forensic Toxicology Section operates from the ASI Ltd laboratories on the St. George's  campus in south west London. We offer a service, research and training facility. We routinely measure drugs and endogenous compounds using a wide variety of specialist chromatographic techniques, immunoassays, and spectroscopic methods.
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